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Poster: kray2 Date: Aug 11, 2004 11:48am
Forum: bookmobile Subject: cost of production machines?

How much does it cost to buy the equipment needed to print and bind these books?

Is there a "package" that someone has put together for someone who wants to buy one of these?

It occurred to me, for instance, that someone could donate this setup to a school district. As the cost of managing libraries increases, it would be cheaper for a school library, when asked for a book in the public domain, to just give the student a copy.

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Poster: glenn Date: Aug 12, 2004 9:49am
Forum: bookmobile Subject: Re: cost of production machines?

yes! exactly the point, since somewhere it's been discussed that it's cheaper to give books than to lend them, in some cases.

the link above has some of those answers